ADC Annual Awards

Cloning Entries


As a partner awards competition within The One Club for Creativity, you can create an entry in either the ADC Awards or The One Show entry system and then create a duplicate copy (clone) in the other competition.

Follow the steps below to clone your ADC Awards entry into The One Show.
NOTE: These same steps can be taken in The One Show to clone into the ADC Awards.

Cloning FAQs


Create your entry in the ADC Awards entry system

The following will be cloned to The One Show, so the more you have prepared on the original entry, the more complete your new entry will be.

NOTE: Once an entry is cloned, you will need to select the new category in the One Show system.
NOTE: Once an entry is cloned, each entry must be edited individually in each system.


Request ADC Awards entries to be cloned to The One Show

Submit a list of your entries (by Entry IDs) that you would like to clone into The One Show by emailing the ADC Awards:

Email To:
Subject: Entry Clone Request

NOTE: Both Open/Draft and Closed/Submitted entries can be cloned.
NOTE: Allow up to 48 hours for the clone to complete. Clone requests submitted on deadline days are not guaranteed to be fulfilled in time to meet that current deadline.


Complete your entries in the One Show entry system

Log in to your account in The One Show and proceed to your Open/Draft Entries list.

NOTE: Your account login (username and password) is the same for both ADC Awards and The One Show.

Cloning FAQ

What if I don't have a One Show account?
You can log in to The One Show using the same username and password used for the ADC Awards. Your account details are the same for both competitions.
NOTE: We recommend that you log in to your account in both the ADC Awards and The One Show before submitting your clone request.

Will my One Show entry be complete as soon as it's cloned?
The two competitions and their categories have different requirements. After selecting your new category in the The One Show, you will need to review your cloned entry and fullfill any incomplete requirements.
NOTE: We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the requirements for the One Show categories you're cloning into ahead of time.

If I edit my ADC Awards entry, will the same edits occur on my cloned One Show entry?
After your entry has been cloned into a different competition, it is now a separate entry. The original and new entries must be edited individually in each system.

Can I clone my entries on deadline day?
Just like cloning an ADC Awards entry into a different ADC category, you will need to spend time making sure the new entry is complete. Don't wait until the deadline to submit your clone request, as you will need to edit your One Show entries before submitting them into that competition.

What will be cloned with my entry?
You can clone any Open/Draft or Closed/Submitted ADC Awards entries. The following will be cloned into your new One Show entry.

  • Entry Details
  • Thumbnail
  • Media (Judging, Supporting, Reference)
    NOTE: You may need to adjust the media to meet the requirements of the new category.
  • Information
    NOTE: Any information fields that are different between your original ADC and new One Show categories will not appear on your new entry.
  • Credits

Can I check out and pay for my cloned ADC and One Show entries at the same time?
As the ADC Awards and The One Show are individual competitions, you will need to proceed to payment/checkout with your entries separately, in each system.