ADC Annual Awards

ADC 102nd Annual Awards

The ADC Annual Awards is celebrating 102 years of excellence in design and craft. This iconic award show honors the best creative talent and groundbreaking work across many different creative disciplines including advertising, digital media, graphic and publication design, packaging and product design, motion, gaming, experiential and architecture, photography, illustration, fashion design and all points in between. Outstanding entrants are selected by highly respected juries, and honored with coveted Gold, Silver and Bronze Cubes, presented at the Annual Awards Gala in New York City. 



First gold medal work in 1921

ADC 101+1 AI Expo

In celebration of the first 102 years of the Art Directors Club Annual Awards, The One Club for Creativity invites the global creative community to explore the future with the launch of ADC101+1 Expo, a captivating multi-platform experience featuring work of 101 designers and creatives from around the world in collaboration with Artificial Intelligence tools.

The collective art initiative, created by Pereira O’Dell and developed by lili Studios, serves as both an interactive gallery of work and a global opportunity to engage in dialogue and debate about the opportunities and issues involved with AI and the creative industry.

PJ Pereira, Founder & Creative Chairman, Pereira O’Dell, said the brief was simple: designers come up with a prompt to generate something, and add one more step, a personal interference. Then they share their experience, whether good or bad.

“This project is not about AI art. It's an experiment on the creative collaboration between humans and AI,” he said. “AI is a new kind of computing that will bring very different tools for creatives of all kinds. There’s no better way to have a glimpse of that future, with all its potential and challenges, than playing with it right now."

"The design of this project was inspired by the unexpected results of AI collaboration,” said Eduardo Gomes, Head of Art, Pereira O'Dell. “Our goal was to create 101 distinct pieces of art that could serve as a platform for discussing AI’s emerging role in creativity. Every aspect of this project showcases the beauty of this collaboration from the logo, the naming, the sound design, and even the data-driven architecture of each cube. The combination of human talent and technology creates a dynamic union that expands the potential of creativity."

ADC 102nd Partner

ADC will for the fourth year partner with the creative community Working Not Working on event and content collaborations, as well as special awards including the Freelancer of the Year, which was won in 2022 by illustrator and designer Ricardo Tomás. All ADC 102nd Annual Awards Gold Cube-winning entries submitted through the freelance level of the show's tiered pricing structure will be judged again by a separate jury that includes the Working Not Working community. Working Not Working freelance members are also eligible for a special discount to enter the ADC Annual Awards. 

Working Not Working

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