ADC Annual Awards


Brand-Side / In-House

Brand-Side / In-House recognizes work produced by a brand's internal creative team that focuses on the advertising and marketing of their product or service.

All entries must have been released, printed, published, or aired for the first time between January 1, 2023 - March 1, 2024 in any country.

◊ Freelancers: $100.00
◊ Company Size = 2-50 Employees: $300
◊ Company Size = 51+ Employees: $500

◊ An entry title and project credits are required on all entries.
 A client name is required for all categories. If the work was created for your own company or brand, please enter your company name into the client field.
◊ A detailed project description of 300 words or less is not required, but is highly recommended.
◊ Each category accepts specific media types. All categories require judging media and at least one reference image.
 Judging Media: Required primary material and content that the jury will be judging.
 Supporting Media: Optional Secondary content that the jury may choose to review at their discretion.
 Reference Image: Required image that reflects the content of your entry. These images may be used by ADC for promotional purposes. The jury will see these images but they will not be judged.




Brand-Side / In-House

BRS-101: Advertising - Art Direction

Craft in a single (1) piece or series (2-10) of visual communications.

BRS-102: Advertising - Branded Content / Entertainment

Brand integration into the content of a single (1) or series (2-10) of games. videos, websites, etc.

BRS-103: Advertising - Craft in Writing

Artistry in writing for a single (1) piece or series (2-10) of related advertising pieces.

BRS-104: Advertising - Direct

A single (1) or series (2-10) of targeted advertisements.

BRS-105: Advertising - Out of Home

A single (1) or series (2-10) of outdoor advertisements.

BRS-106: Advertising - Promotional Materials

A single (1) or series (2-10) of physical advertising materials that are either flat or 3D.

BRS-107: Advertising - Television / Film / Online Video

A single (1) or series (2-10) of videos.
Brand-Side / In-House
Brand / Communication Design

BRS-108: Brand / Communication Design - Branding

Communication of brand identity utilizing a series (2-10) of digital, print, video and/or interactive assets.

BRS-109: Brand / Communication Design - Posters

A single (1) or series (2-10) of promotions for a brand, product or event posted in a public place.

BRS-110: Brand / Communication Design - Promotional Materials

Design of a single (1) or series (2-10) of materials intended to promote a brand.

BRS-111: Brand / Communication Design - Packaging Design

Design of a single (1) or series (2-10) of packaging intended to promote a brand.

BRS-112: Brand / Communication Design - Product Design

Design of a single (1) or series (2-10) of products to be sold by a brand to customers.
Brand-Side / In-House
Experiential Design

BRS-113: Experiential Design - Consumer Experience

Design of a single (1) or series (2-10) of interactive experiences between a consumer and a brand.

BRS-114: Experiential Design - Digital Experiences

Design of a single (1) consumer experience through a digital interface. May include immersive, virtual reality, augmented, or mixed reality experiences.

BRS-115: Experiential Design - Environmental Design

Design of a single (1) physical space.

BRS-116: Experiential Design - Guerrilla Marketing / Stunt

A single (1) special event in a public spaces. May include flash mobs, special stunts, etc.

BRS-117: Experiential Design - Installations

A single (1) project featuring design of site-specific, temporary or permanent work. Installations may be immersive or interactive, informative, structural, etc.

BRS-118: Experiential Design - Live Event

A single (1) event intended to promote a brand. May include concerts, product launches, etc.

BRS-119: Experiential Design - Placemaking

A single (1) public installation or landmark which defines the space around it.
Brand-Side / In-House

BRS-120: Innovation - Single or Series

A single (1) or series (2-10) of design that pushes creative and technical boundaries.
Brand-Side / In-House

BRS-121: Integrated - Series

A series (2-10) that crosses multiple mediums and platforms.
Brand-Side / In-House

BRS-122: Interactive - AR / VR / MR

A single (1) app that uses AR, VR or MR as a primary feature.

BRS-123: Interactive - Data Visualization

A single (1) visual contextualization of information.

BRS-124: Interactive - E-Commerce

Design of a single (1) online platform utilized to facilitate any transaction.

BRS-125: Interactive - Games

Design of a single (1) interactive program for one or more players.

BRS-126: Interactive - Online / Mobile Websites

Design of a single (1) desktop and mobile website.

BRS-127: Interactive - Social Media

A single (1) or series (2-10) of social media activations utilizing Instagram, Tik-Tok, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook or any other social media platform.

BRS-128: Interactive - UX / UI

User experience or interactive design for websites, apps or other digital mediums.
Brand-Side / In-House
Motion / Film Craft

BRS-129: Motion / Film Craft - Direction

Overall creative visualization and realization of a single (1) video or video series (2-10).

BRS-130: Motion / Film Craft - Editing

Structure and timing of shots within a single (1) video or series (2-10) of videos.

BRS-131: Motion / Film Craft - Cinematography

Movement of the camera, framing, lighting and filming choices within a single (1) video or series (2-10) of videos.

BRS-132: Motion / Film Craft - Sound Design

The process of specifying, acquiring, manipulating or generating audio elements for a single (1) video or series (2-10) of videos.

BRS-133: Motion / Film Craft - Visual Effects

Simulation of imagery within a single (1) video or series (2-10) of videos.
Brand-Side / In-House
Design for Good

DFG-107: Design for Good - Brand-Side / In-House

A single (1) ad or series (2-10) created by a brand's in-house creative team that encourages positive societal or political change.