ADC Annual Awards


Product Design

This discipline focuses on the conception and creation of various mass-produced products, from household goods to automobiles.

All entries must have been released, printed, published, or aired for the first time between January 1, 2023 - March 1, 2024 in any country.

◊ Freelancers: $100.00 
◊ Company Size = 2-20 Employees: $200.00 
◊ Company Size = 21+ Employees: $300.00

◊ An entry title and project credits are required on all entries.
 A client name is required for all categories. If the work was created for your own company or brand, please enter your company name into the client field.
◊ A detailed project description of 300 words or less is not required, but is highly recommended.
◊ Each category accepts specific media types. All categories require judging media and at least one reference image.
 Judging Media: Required primary material and content that the jury will be judging. Please note that physical entries are encouraged in the product design categories.
 Supporting Media: Optional Secondary content that the jury may choose to review at their discretion.
 Reference Image: Required image that reflects the content of your entry. These images may be used by ADC for promotional purposes. The jury will see these images but they will not be judged.




Product Design
Design for Good

DFG-115: Design for Good - Product Design

A single (1) or series (2-10) of product design that encourages positive societal or political change. Includes sustainable, eco-friendly products, etc.
Product Design
Beauty / Wellness / Personal Care

PRD-101: Beauty / Wellness / Personal Care

A single (1) or series (2-10) of cleansers, cologne, creams, deodorants, dietary supplements, exfoliators, eye shadows, eyeliners, lipsticks, lotions, mascara, peels, perfumes, powders, razors, scrubs, shampoos + conditioners, soaps, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc.
Product Design
Brand Partnerships

PRD-102: Brand Partnerships

A single (1) or series (2-10) of products designed in partnership with a brand.
Product Design

PRD-103: Children's

A single (1) or series (2-10) of activity play centers, bathing, car seats + accessories, carriers, diapering, educational, feeding, nursery, play structures, strollers, toys, etc.
Product Design
Consumer Electronics

PRD-104: Consumer Electronics

A single (1) or series (2-10) of audio equipment, cameras, computers, drones, headsets, mobile devices, monitors, robotics, security systems, smart phones, tablets, TVs, video equipment, etc.
Product Design
Durable Goods

PRD-105: Durable Goods - Small Appliances

A single (1) or series (2-10) of blenders, coffee makers, dishwashers, electric kettles, hand mixers, humidifiers, microwave ovens, toasters, vacuums, water purifiers, etc.

PRD-106: Durable Goods - Tools

A single (1) or series (2-10) of construction, electronic, hand, home, industrial tools, etc.

PRD-107: Durable Goods - Transportation

A single (1) or series (2-10) of automobiles, bicycles, electric vehicles, kayaks, motorcycles, motorhomes, trains, etc.
Product Design

PRD-108: Houseware

A single (1) or series (2-10) of bakeware, bottles, bowls, cookware, cutlery, dishes, glassware, kitchen utensils, tableware, etc.
Product Design

PRD-109: Inclusive

Design of a single (1) or series (2-10) of products that are usable and accessible to as many people as possible.
Product Design

PRD-110: Innovation

A single (1) or series (2-10) of product designs that push creative boundaries.
Product Design
Interiors / Home / Office

PRD-111: Interiors / Home / Office - Decorative

A single (1) or series (2-10) of bathroom fixtures, duvets, frames, lamps, lighting, locks, mirrors, pillows, storage bins, vases, etc.

PRD-112: Interiors / Home / Office - Furniture

A single (1) or series (2-10) of beds, chairs, desks, seating, stools, tables, wardrobes, etc.
Product Design
Limited Edition / Collectibles

PRD-113: Limited Edition / Collectibles

Overall design of a single (1) or series (2-10) of products that are either limited to a certain number of copies or collectible items.
Product Design
Office Supplies

PRD-114: Office Supplies

A single (1) or series (2-10) of copiers, desk accessories, scanners, stationery, telecommunications, workspace organizers, etc.
Product Design

PRD-115: Pets

A single (1) or series (2-10) of pet products including accessories, bath, food and nutrition, grooming, toys, etc.
Product Design

PRD-116: Prototype

A single (1) or series (2-10) of preliminary models of a product
Product Design
Science / Medical

PRD-117: Science / Medical

A single (1) or series (2-10) of hearing aids, home care, instruments, laboratory technology, medical devices, mobility aids, operating equipment, respiratory care, surgical supplies, etc.
Product Design
Sports / Leisure

PRD-118: Sports / Leisure

A single (1) or series (2-10) of games, musical instruments, scooters, skateboards, sleeping bags, sporting equipment, tent accessories, toys, etc.
Product Design
Sustainable / Eco-friendly

PRD-119: Sustainable / Eco-friendly

A single (1) or series (2-10) of products created in an environmentally conscious fashion, and/or serve an eco-friendly purpose.
Product Design

PRD-120: Wildcard

A single (1) or series (2-10) of related products that do not readily fit into another category.