Product Design

This discipline focuses on the conception and creation of various mass-produced products, from household goods to automobiles.

ELIGIBILITY: January 1, 2021 - March 4, 2022

SPATIAL DESIGN ELIGIBILITY: January 1, 2020 - March 4, 2022

INFORMATION: Project information is required on all entries. A detailed project description of 300 words or less is not required, but is highly recommended.

MEDIA: Each category accepts specific media types. Judging and Supporting media can be attached to your entry after your category is selected.

  • Judging Media: The primary material and content that the jury will be judging
  • Supporting Media: Secondary material and content that the jury may choose to review at their discretion
  • Reference Media: These images will be used for reference but will not be judged.

Product Design
Design for Good

DFG-113: Design for Good - Product Design

A single (1) or series (2-10) of product design that encourages positive societal or political change. Includes sustainable, eco-friendly products, etc.
Product Design
Beauty / Wellness / Personal Care

PRD-101: Beauty / Wellness / Personal Care

A single (1) or series (2-10) of cleansers, cologne, creams, deodorants, dietary supplements, exfoliators, eye shadows, eyeliners, lipsticks, lotions, mascara, peels, perfumes, powders, razors, scrubs, shampoos + conditioners, soaps, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc.
Product Design

PRD-102: Children

A single (1) or series (2-10) of activity play centers, bathing, car seats + accessories, carriers, diapering, educational, feeding, nursery, play structures, strollers, toys, etc.
Product Design
Consumer Electronics

PRD-103: Consumer Electronics

A single (1) or series (2-10) of audio equipment, cameras, computers, drones, headsets, mobile devices, monitors, robotics, security systems, smart phones, tablets, TVs, video equipment, etc.
Product Design
Durable Goods

PRD-104: Durable Goods - Small Appliances

A single (1) or series (2-10) of blenders, coffee makers, dishwashers, electric kettles, hand mixers, humidifiers, microwave ovens, toasters, vacuums, water purifiers, etc.

PRD-105: Durable Goods - Tools

A single (1) or series (2-10) of construction, electronic, hand, home, industrial tools, etc.

PRD-106: Durable Goods - Transportation

A single (1) or series (2-10) of automobiles, bicycles, electric vehicles, kayaks, motorcycles, motorhomes, trains, etc.
Product Design

PRD-107: Houseware

A single (1) or series (2-10) of bakeware, bottles, bowls, cookware, cutlery, dishes, glassware, kitchen utensils, tableware, etc.
Product Design

PRD-108: Innovation

A single (1) or series (2-10) of product designs that push creative boundaries.
Product Design
Interiors / Home / Office

PRD-109: Interiors / Home / Office - Decorative - Single or Series

A single (1) or series (2-10) of bathroom fixtures, duvets, frames, lamps, lighting, locks, mirrors, pillows, storage bins, vases, etc.

PRD-110: Interiors / Home / Office - Furniture - Single or Series

A single (1) or series (2-10) of beds, chairs, desks, seating, stools, tables, wardrobes, etc.
Product Design
Office Supplies

PRD-111: Office Supplies

A single (1) or series (2-10) of copiers, desk accessories, scanners, stationery, telecommunications, workspace organizers, etc.
Product Design

PRD-112: Prototype

A single (1) or series (2-10) of preliminary models of a product
Product Design
Science / Medical

PRD-113: Science / Medical

A single (1) or series (2-10) of hearing aids, home care, instruments, laboratory technology, medical devices, mobility aids, operating equipment, respiratory care, surgical supplies, etc.
Product Design
Sports / Leisure

PRD-114: Sports / Leisure

A single (1) or series (2-10) of games, musical instruments, scooters, skateboards, sleeping bags, sporting equipment, tent accessories, toys, etc.
Product Design
Sustainable / Eco-friendly

PRD-115: Sustainable / Eco-friendly

A single (1) or series (2-10) of products created in an environmentally conscious fashion, and/or serve an eco-friendly purpose.
Product Design

PRD-116: Wildcard

A single (1) or series (2-10) of related products that do not readily fit into another category.

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