ADC Annual Awards



This discipline highlights the art and craft of motion graphics, animation and visual effects, as well as the technical aspects of gaming.
NOTE: No special equipment will be used for judging. Download links may be provided, but judges are not required to use them. The judging media must showcase the game.

All entries must have been released, printed, published, or aired for the first time between January 1, 2023 - March 1, 2024 in any country.

◊ Freelancers: $100.00
◊ Company Size = 2-50 Employees: $200
◊ Company Size = 51+ Employees: $300

◊ An entry title and project credits are required on all entries.
 A client name is required for all categories. If the work was created for your own company or brand, please enter your company name into the client field.
◊ A detailed project description of 300 words or less is not required, but is highly recommended.
◊ Each category accepts specific media types. All categories require judging media and at least one reference image.
 Judging Media: Required primary material and content that the jury will be judging.
 Supporting Media: Optional Secondary content that the jury may choose to review at their discretion.
 Reference Image: Required image that reflects the content of your entry. These images may be used by ADC for promotional purposes. The jury will see these images but they will not be judged.




Design for Good

DFG-109: Design for Good - Gaming

A single (1) game or series (2-10) of games that encourage positive societal or political change.

GAM-101: Gaming - Accessibility

Craftsmanship in the design of a single (1) video game that is usable and accessible to as many people as possible.

GAM-102: Gaming - Animation

Craftsmanship in the animation of objects and characters within a single (1) video game.

GAM-103: Gaming - Art Direction

Craftsmanship in the design and interaction of all visual elements within a single (1) game.

GAM-104: Gaming - Brand Integration

Placement of a brand within a single (1) video game.

GAM-105: Gaming - Character Design

Craftsmanship in the character design for a single (1) video game. Includes character concept, style and digital artwork.

GAM-106: Gaming - Game Direction

Craftsmanship in the creative concept and execution of a single (1) game.

GAM-107: Gaming - Game Trailer

Craftsmanship in the design of a preview for a single (1) game.

GAM-108: Gaming - In-game Cinematics / Cut-scenes

Craftsmanship in the design of a scene that suspends game-play to progress the story in a single (1) game.

GAM-109: Gaming - Indie

Craftsmanship in the design of a single (1) independent video game that is produced by an individual or small development team.

GAM-110: Gaming - Innovation

A single (1) game that pushes creative boundaries.

GAM-111: Gaming - Music / Score

Craftsmanship in the creation of a soundtrack for a single (1) game.

GAM-112: Gaming - Narrative

Craftsmanship in the creation of the script, plot, or broader themes of the content in a single (1) video game.

GAM-113: Gaming - Sound Design

Craftsmanship in the use of audio in tandem with visuals in a single (1) game.

GAM-114: Gaming - Technical Achievement - Graphics / Visuals

Craftsmanship in the simulation of imagery within a single (1) game.

GAM-115: Gaming - UX/UI

Craftsmanship in the design of the user experience or user interface for a single (1) game.