Experiential Design

As the name implies, the discipline focuses on creations that must be experienced rather than simply observed. From elaborate exhibitions to installations, from wayfaring to placemaking, and even digital experiences, this discipline immerses its audiences in a sensory adventure.

ELIGIBILITY: January 1, 2021 - March 4, 2022

SPATIAL DESIGN ELIGIBILITY: January 1, 2020 - March 4, 2022

INFORMATION: Project information is required on all entries. A detailed project description of 300 words or less is not required, but is highly recommended.

MEDIA: Each category accepts specific media types. Judging and Supporting media can be attached to your entry after your category is selected.

  • Judging Media: The primary material and content that the jury will be judging
  • Supporting Media: Secondary material and content that the jury may choose to review at their discretion
  • Reference Media: These images will be used for reference but will not be judged.

Experiential Design
Design for Good

DFG-105: Design for Good - Experiential Design

A single (1) or series (2-5) of Immersive designs that encourage positive societal or political change.
Experiential Design
Digital Experiences

EXP-101: Digital Experiences - Augmented / Mixed Reality

A single (1) experience that mixes real and digital elements.

EXP-102: Digital Experiences - Responsive Environments

A single (1) immersive experiences that combine cutting-edge design and digital technology.

EXP-103: Digital Experience - Virtual Event

A single (1) event held virtually, intended to be experienced by remote participants.

EXP-104: Digital Experiences - Virtual Reality / The Metaverse

Computer generated environments intended to create completely immersive experiences. Includes marketplaces where users can buy, sell and exchange digital assets like avatars, virtual clothing, and NFTs. Also includes games and other experiences.
NOTE: No special equipment will be used for judging. The required submission media must showcase the experience.
Experiential Design
Environmental Design

EXP-105: Environmental Design - Exhibition Design

Design of a single (1) physical space to convey a story, theme or topic.

EXP-106: Environmental Design - Interior Design

A single (1) project highlighting the design and co-ordination of an interior space.

EXP-107: Environmental Design - Mural

A single (1) or series (2-10) of large-scale design applied to a permanent surface. May include indoor or outdoor murals.

EXP-108: Environmental Design - Retail / Restaurant

May include the interior and/or exterior design of a single (1) retail or restaurant space.

EXP-109: Environmental Design - Wayfinding Systems

A single (1) informational systems that guide people through a physical environment.

EXP-110: Environmental Design - Window Display / Merchandising

A single (1) or series (2-10) of themed and seasonal windows, retail installations, building wrappings, projections, window decals or visual merchandising.

EXP-111: Environmental Design - Work / Public / Community Spaces

May include the interior and exterior design of a single (1) workplace or public building.
Experiential Design

EXP-112: Experiential Design - Guerrilla / Stunt

A single (1) special events in a public space. May include flash mobs, special stunts, etc.

EXP-113: Experiential Design - Installations

A single (1) or series (2-10) of permanent or semi-permanent structures specific to the site.

EXP-114: Experiential Design - Live Event

A single (1) or series (2-10) of events intended to promote a brand. May include concerts, product launches, etc.

EXP-115: Experiential Design - Placemaking

A public installation or landmark which defines the space around it.

EXP-116: Experiential Design - Wildcard

A single (1) experiential project that fits outside of the aforementioned categories.
Experiential Design

EXP-117: Innovation

A single (1) or series (2-10) of experiential design that pushes creative boundaries.

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